Be the first to take advantage of the CHAMPS Trade Shows newly extended ArtiZen* program! All non-production, one-of-a-kind ArtiZen* style products, allows individuals and companies to be eligible for special discounted pricing. This includes beads, pendants, jewelry, rings, paintings, sculptures, glass pipes and more! All you glass artists that have been competing in the games, wanting to or just a master of the flame please take advantage of our newly opened promotion. If you have only one-of-a-kind, no production products you are eligible for booth pricing as low as $995. We also have an industry only style load-in for ArtiZen* at a discounted rate for up to 200 lbs. max. Take advantage today of this amazing opportunity! 

“An artisan (or artizan from Italian: artigiano) is a skilled craftsperson that through experience and talent makes non-functional or decorative products including furniture, jewelry, household and other handmade items." 

Other handcrafted products for the ArtiZen category includes glass sculpture, marbles, vases, leather goods, spiritual goods, clothing, and a wide variety of mediums of paintings and art from abstract to surreal. Most of these have traditionally been handmade, rural, or pastoral goods that reach expressive levels of art in each piece of work."


There are currently as many as 15,000 adult-themed shops in the USA that see over 750,000 retail customers a day... isn’t this a market you want to be in? 

When you look at the numbers it’s easy to see the benefits we offer you as an artisan in the ArtiZen Section at CHAMPS Trade Show! Contact CHAMPS at 818-855-1528 for more details.


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