CHAMPS Glass Games is coming to Denver!  The Denver show is the last chance to qualify for one of 5 coveted spots in the 2016 CHAMPS Masters flame off in early 2017.  While there is no live flame-work at the Denver CHAMPS show, master of ceremonies and renowned glass blower Matty White and the CHAMPS team have come up with 3 exciting pre-made competitions. Take all the time you need to make some truly mind-blowing glass art and bring it to the Denver CHAMPS Show, September 26-28

CHAMPS Glass Games Denver Sept 26-28

Call Steinz (818)905-3232 to sign up for the Glass Games

CHAMPS Glass Games Master's Finals 2017

CHAMPS Trade Shows is proud to present the CHAMPS Glass Games 2017 Master’s Finals.  Over the course of the previous year, the best and brightest glass artists have earned their part in this year’s most prestigious competition by winning one of our other events.  For years, the CHAMPS Glass Games has provided a massive stage for some of the most amazing artists in the glass community, who will be this years champion?   


3 Exciting Pre-Made Events

Altered States Heady Challenge

1st - $2000 - 2nd - $1000 - 3rd - $500

1st Place qualifies for the 2016 Master’s Finals


Create your own Altered States themed masterpiece.  Altered States is a broad theme.  It can be a representation of your favorite altered state of mind, maybe it means a slight change to something familiar, or even something hi tech like virtual or augmented reality.  You are artists, whatever Altered States means to you works, just be creative and make something dope!

At home, make the most amazing piece of “Altered States” themed functional art glass that you can and bring it to CHAMPS Denver, September 26-28.  Best piece wins a cash prize and punches your ticket to compete in the CHAMPS Masters Finals in February.  

The Goblet Grab

1st - $1000 - 2nd - $500 - 3rd - $250

1st Place qualifies for the 2017 Master’s Finals

*Prizes and spot in the Masters awarded for both categories


This year, CHAMPS is proud to expand this year’s Goblet Grab to include 2 separate categories! That means double the chance to win both prize money and 2 spots in the Masters are up for grabs.  The 2 categories are:


Traditional Goblets: Wine Vessels, goblets and chalices

Cups and Mugs: Cups and Mugs


Each artist may submit 2 entries into each category.  During the “grab” itself, all pieces from both categories will be available via the $100 raffle.


This is a twist on the standard contest, prize money and wild-card possibilities will be judged on by Glass Game judges, and 1st, 2nd, and 3rd will win their respective prizes. The twist is, this is a grab-style contest, all artists will be "selling" their goblets and/or cups for $100, CHAMPS will provide a redeemable ticket to the artist for the goblet. CHAMPS will sell tickets at $100, 1 per person, per availability of goblet/mug/cup/chalice/etc. at a first-come first-serve basis, e.g. If we have twenty entries, we will sell twenty tickets max, one per person max. All entries will be on display at the show. On September 28th, if there are any additional tickets available, people may purchase as many tickets as they want first come first serve basis. September 28th, 3:30 PM CHAMPS will draw #s for placement, when your # is called you have 30 seconds max to choose which entry you want to exchange your ticket for. If an artist would like to be involved in the "grab", they may submit 1 entry into both categories, the 2nd entry will be in exchange for a $100 "grab" ticket, you will also have a chance to place twice. Do not bring a duplicate cup, this is going into your store owners collection, and we are looking for a "bigger, better, badder" grab. Also making two different Goblets gives a better chance to win. You MUST be present to win. Winners will be announced before close of the CHAMPS show, September 28th.


*If Competing Artists want to select another artist’s goblet during the “Grab” portion they must submit 2 pieces, 1 “goblet style” and 1 “cup or mug style”

A Game Of Marbles

1st - $1000 - 2nd - $500 - 3rd - $250

Nicest set of Marbles and winner of the game itself qualify for the 2017 Master’s Finals


CHAMPS Glass Games is proud to expand on our crowd favorite, A Game of Marbles.  Bring a full set of marbles, 1 large shooter and 20 smaller pieces to participate in the game at the Denver CHAMPS show.  The nicest set of marbles wins the artist a trip to the CHAMPS Glass Games Masters Finals and a cash prize.  


At the show, competing artists will use their own set of marbles to compete in the actual game of marbles, also known as “Ringer”.  Use your shooter to knock your opponents marbles out of the ring.  First to knock out 16 of your opponent’s 20 marbles wins the round.  


The event is tournament style, meaning winners continue on to the next round until a champion is crowned.  As the game progresses, more and more marbles are used in each contest, however winners get to keep an ever-increasing amount of the spoils of war.  A Game of Marbles is a great way to exchange your own work with some of your favorite competing artists and friends.  Winner of the actual marble game wins all of the marbles they “conquered” as well as a cash prize.


Marble Specifications

•  Sizes: 

               20 “regular” marbles: ½ inch or 12.7 mm diameter each

               1 “shooter” marble: ¾ inch or 19 mm diameter


*Marbles will be measured at show and must be within 1 mm of target size


•  All Marbles Must be Round

•  All Marbles Must be Artistic-Make your Marbles Look Nice

Booth Specials Available

Exhibiting your work at CHAMPS?  As a Glass Games competitor we have a variety of special deals available just for you! In Denver you must submit 2 pieces to qualify for competing artist discounts.


Get hundreds of dollars off and prime placement around the glass games arena on full 10x10 booths.  Additional discounts apply if you only bring one of a kind headies.


CHAMPS 420 Tables are back!  Small 4 foot tables in a communal area next to the Glass Games Arena exclusively for individual artists.  Only $420 as a competing artist!


Past Competitor?  CHAMPS 4 foot artist tables are available to you even without competing! $600 gets you a small table to sell your work.  Capitalize on the name you’ve already built for yourself and sell some headies!

Please call Steinz (818)905-3232 with any questions.


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