En-light-en: “To give broadening or revealing knowledge & to give spiritual guidance or light to: Enlightenment”


Theme: “Things That En-light-en You”


Simply by taking a breath — that, in a sense, can be “Enlightenment.” It is inspiration and self-expression. A higher realm of spiritual thought. It is the tool or spark that brings you joy inside. It is the vessel for transcendence. For example, spirit animals, sacred geometric shapes and colors, metaphysical understanding, astral planes, transcendent or mind altering experiences — whatever “Enlightens” you! It is not bound by alignments, it is the self-expression of what brings you enlightenment — be it light — or dark.


The artist will have to explain their art installation to the judges and tell them why they created it and how or why it enlightens them. The artwork will *mostly* speak for itself — BUT — the artist *will* have to speak for it as well to achieve the optimal score. This will be the artist’s chance to speak on behalf of their artwork to the judges and the world. We are trying to create an interaction between artist and judges unlike any other glass blowing competition has ever had — this will be the artist’s chance to get their vision expressed and psyche explored through their artwork and words


Defending Champion

Denver Wild Card Medalist

2014 Summer Glass Games Medalists

Also Featuring Death Race


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